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Two new vinyl releases are on the way. Vowels from Dag Rosenqvist is at the pressing plant, and expected in October. Slightly further away is the long-awaited collaboration between Amanda Feery and Michael Tanner, To Run The Easting Down. Both are available to pre-order now on the releases page or via our bandcamp.

Meanwhile, we have several releases in the works. A tape from Hybernation is almost ready; a cd from Daniel Westerlund’s latest project Fyrskeppet has been mastered beautifully by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw; and Richard Moult is working on The Machair That Covers The Saints, the first of a trilogy of albums.

AF08: Dag Rosenqvist - VowelsAF08: Dag Rosenqvist – Vowels
Vowels was made to accompany the ballet of the same name created by the physical theatre company Iraqi Bodies, which premiered at the Atalante Theater in Gothenburg, Sweden, on October 4th 2012 with choreography by Anmar Taha performed by Jan Rådvik, Hayder Chokan, Lena Dahlén, Kimona Wrede,Josephine Gray and Anmar Taha.

Forming another entry in Dag’s growing catalogue of music for contemporary dance, heard previously on albums such as The Forest Diaries and Music for Contemporary Dance, Vowels shares the power and dynamic intensity of 2014’s Fall Into Fire.

500 copies on transparent 12″ vinyl with transparent printed inserts.


AF03: Amanda Feery and Michael Tanner - To Run The Easting DownAF03: Amanda Feery & Michael Tanner – To Run The Easting Down
Described by Rockerilla magazine as “a melancholy album of haunting beauty… an extraordinary masterpiece that breaks the heart of the listener”, Amanda Feery and Michael Tanner’s To Run The Easting Down has been three years in the making.

Tanner is an English man living in England, Feery an Irish woman living in the US: threads of the musical traditions of Europe and America are spun into “three songs of impressive intelligence and dense emotional communication”.

The pre-order contains an exclusive track.

Limted to 300 copies on 12″ vinyl.

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