Johan G Winther

Johan Gustavsson Winther has been recording and performing for over a decade, either as a solo artist or as a part of a variety of bands and other collaborations. Most of his solo output has been as Tsukimono, under which name he has produced a body of work ranging “from beautiful drones to harsh noise to acoustic guitar-ditties and pop-tinged weirdness”. Impossible to categorise or pin down to any one style or sound, Johan’s music is constantly expanding in scope and – as his own website says –  “always moving on, for better or worse”.

As well as his solo work, Johan has performed as part of many other projects and bands. His is currently active as a part of Scraps Of Tape, Blessings, The Silence Set (with Dag Rosenqvist), Heathers/Hollows and Crowned With Horns.

With this release Awkward Formats joins an impressive roster of labels including Brian Records, Slaapwel, Kning Disk, Release The Bats, Kalligrammofon, Structures Sonores, Komplott, Hockey Rawk, Hwem and Psychic Malmö.

You can explore Johan’s discography here.