Raising Holy Sparks

Raising Holy Sparks is the latest solo project from David Colohan, who previously recorded as Agitated Radio Pilot, and is a founder member of United Bible Studies and the Deserted Village label, amongst a host of other projects.

Raising Holy Sparks draws on the devotional musics of church & countrysides. Informed by Hasidic mysticism and the landscapes of rural Ireland, Raising Holy Sparks sees Colohan enlist various guests to achieve an ecstatic outpouring of drone, folk song, and free jazz.

Raising Holy Sparks debut ‘Beyond The Unnamed Bay‘ featured a pair of side-long suites made up of songs and instrumentals. Four Sacred Mountains continues the approach, with four side-long suites each celebrating one of the sacred peaks of the Navajo, inspired by David’s visit to the Four Corners region where Colorado meets New Mexico meets Arizona meets Utah.

David Colohan’s complete discography can be explored here.