All products have an environmental cost. At Awkward Formats we take care to minimise our impact as much as we can. Where the impact cannot be avoided (there are no environmentally-friendly cassette shells for instance), we take whatever measures we can to alleviate it.

We counterbalance the carbon footrint of all of our couriered packages by paying for them to be offset through tree planting schemes and other measures.

We endeavour to use suppliers and printers who share our goals for carbon-neutral, environmentally-supportive products. For example, the wooden boxes that house some of our cassette releases are made from fast-growing sustainably-sourced trees. We have our vinyl records pressed at plants that use custom-formulated toulene- and lead-free compounds which meet EC environmental guidelines.

We do not pass these costs on through higher prices for our releases. If you share our concerns, we encourage you to consider offsetting the carbon cost of having your purchase delivered.