Awkward Formats began as a cassette and cd-r label releasing music by friends who I wanted to hear more of. It is still that, but in addition to tapes and cd-r’s we have begun to release on vinyl and whatever else we can think of. And now I release music by people I don’t know, as well, and many of those people have become friends in the process.

To date we have released abstract/neoclassical/ambient/drone/noise/psych/folk, but there are no restrictions. If we like it, we release it. If you are interested in releasing your own music on Awkward Formats, feel free to get in touch. Send us an email, or send a link to downloadable files (We Transfer or similar). Please don’t send links to streaming media: I almost certainly won’t have the time to listen. If we like what we hear we will get back to you.

Orders and Postage

No-one wants to pay as much for shipping as for the record they’re buying. We do our best to keep shipping costs to a minimum, and sometimes this means it might take a few days longer for your stuff to reach you. We ship all our records via the Royal Mail in sturdy mailers. Because Awkward Formats is essentially a one-man operation and I work full-time, it can on occasion take a while to get to the post office. Please bear with me if your order doesn’t arrive immediately (although it should never take more than a week if you’re in the UK).


We deal directly with retailers in the UK. If you are a UK-based shop and would like to stock our records then please drop us an email.